Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Santa Fe

...was lovely. Such a beautiful place. My workshop was great and the hotel we stayed at was exquisite. It had courtyards! Here's a few pictures of our room and the courtyards just outside our door

I took pictures of all of the wood carvings (the posts, the tub surround, the closet doors) as well, because they were so beautiful. There was a store in town that sold all of these pieces (they're imported from the far east), so I'm planning to get some similar things to put into the new house. I'm thinking gates, stone for the bathroom, carved posts for a pergola, beautiful hangings for the walls. A touch of the exotic for our new contemporary home (to be built next year...I don't have any exciting details yet, just a basic floor plan and plans for a supersized studio).

My workshop was held in conjunction with SPIN, silk painters international, at an arts school campus south of town. That was an incredibly beautiful place, too. I took some pictures there as well.

The workshop was shibori with Yoshiko Wada. She was wonderful! Such a kind and sweet lady and so generous with valuable information. I was very inspired and have actually done some work with the techniques since coming home (more on that tomorrow).

Here's a picture of Yoshiko teaching:

And here's one of my little experiments (silk organza) after going through the process.

And heres a picture of me holding it so you can see just how small it was still bundled up (and you can see how tired I was...that 12 hour drive was something I wont do again!)

And this is a picture of a Japanese tool that we learned to use. It was invaluable for doing some of the tying work. I've made my own sort of version since getting home, using a fine knitting needle (recommended by Yoshiko).

I was told by someone in class about the local fabric store, which I stopped at (I had the car!). Here's a picture of my goodies in their bag

Yep, all white undyed fabric. Mostly silk. Some handwoven cotton and a silk/linen blend. I couldn't resist. I was in a dyeing mood. This store was fabulous. Santa Fe Fabrics. I will probably be calling her to get more of some of these. She also had some adorable zippers with the tape laser cut to have frilly edges. Very cute. Great store. You must go if you're in town and looking for fabric.

It was a very nice trip. Except for the zero cell phone reception. Our iphones got almost zero reception. Will was very angry. Very. I didn't care, I still thought it was a great town. I will go back with some girlfriends who don't care about cell phone reception.

We only got to see a few galleries, ones I'd made a list of. First stop was Jane Sauer Thirteen Moons. Only a couple of fiber pieces, so I was disappointed. There were other galleries I enjoyed more. And so many I didn't get to see.

Oh, and food was great. I love red chile sauce! The breakfast at our hotel was also superb. Huevos Rancheros, Breakfast Burritos (choice of sauce, mine was red!), french toast...everything you could want to start a lovely day.

That's it for my trip. I got some great news when I came home, but I'll leave that for my next post.


Kris Cochran said...

So happy you had a great, inspiring trip.

Christine Amaryllis said...

OK, Mandi, I can see that tub surround from your Santa Fe hotel room in your new house...c'mon, you know you want it!

Glad you had an inspiring trip and that you are back home!!

Hellenne said...

Mandi! I found you! I was with you in Yoshiko Wada's class at SPIN. I'm dyeing (hahaha) to do the scouring and bought some soda ash, also some MX dyes. Waiting for a chunk of time. I'm doing silk scarves painting production work right now. Need to get my inventory going.

norma said...

Santa Fe has been on my list of places to see and now you've made me want to go even more. I loved your bedroom! I know there are fabulous galleries, at least you got to see a few.
I wish your pictures were clickable, so that I could see a bigger view. Be sure to show us some of your results.

Deborah Younglao, Silk Painter said...

Mandi what hotel was that? Not Inn at Santa Fe surely - it doesn't look that wonderful from outside.

I've never tried Shibori but the results are so beautiful - will have to take Yoshido's class sometime!

Glad you enjoyed Santa Fe - it's always worth a return visit when you have nothing else to do but play!

dannie woodard said...

Lovely pictures! I know about that drive! I live near Fort Worth and last June I went with my daughter to a weavers convention in Albuquerque and then on up to Santa Fe

I'm Dannie from the Blog class! Enjoyed your information.