Friday, October 08, 2010

Where did September go?

I don't know. I know I was busy, but it flew off so quickly. I went out to San Jose to meet with 11 other members of the Art Cloth Network. It was a nice event, getting to meet the older members and other new members (there were 5 of us new members), and joining in the planning for the future growth of the group as a whole.

After that I did some work, on a piece that is currently on my design wall, but I'm not sure how to finish it. I had plans, big plans, to get it done in time to enter in time for a deadline next week, but as I'm now stumped I probably won't get it done in time.

I've also been working on projects for the mastery class. I should've done all of this months ago, but there was a lot going on this summer, and I wasn't sure this past spring if I was going to continue with anything, so of course nothing got done. But I can do only what I can do, and I have my own challenges to overcome, so I'm just doing the work now.

I have pictures from the show in September where all my hard work was on display! One of the pieces sold earlier that day, which was thrilling. And though the rest are still available, the gallery decided they want to keep them and put them in another area to see if they sell (the show was just for 2 weeks). I was so very happy to hear that they liked my work well enough to keep it a while longer!

Here's how the work looked hung in the beautiful gallery:

There's the little red dot. Sold!


Angela said...

The work looks beautiful displayed together, wish I could enlarge the photos and get a better look. congratulations, well deserved.

Mandi said...

Thank you Angela! I think they aren't enlarging because I have it set to "medium" when I upload them to blogger. I guess I need to go change that.

lyric said...

Your work is so beautiful - and is very well hung. Do you mount your pieces? They have that lovely space and shadow on the wall that really gives them "presence."

Mandi said...

Thank you, Lyric. I do mount the pieces. Several are on canvas, but most were odd sized, so I mounted onto heavy duty foam core that was attached to stretcher bars. I wanted them to float off the wall, it made them look more substantial.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous, sumptuous pieces...and well displayed! I am so glad that your awesome work was displayed in such an awesome venue! :)

Glad you decided to keep on!

norma said...

The show look fabulous! I wish I could see it in person. I, too, would like to see a bigger picture. I resize mine to 1,000 pixels on the longest size. Then when you click on it you get a big picture.